Basic Carpet Cleaning #1

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Course Description

This course is ideal for the beginner Carpet Cleaner and gives you enough information to start cleaning effectively and also removing stains that many Carpet Cleaners find difficult.
This course covers five key topics and is structured as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Topic One: Learn Fibre Identification
    • Learn Fibre Identification – instructional video – 12min 20sec
    • Fibre Identification Manual (PDF)
    • Assessment: Fibre Identification Quiz – 20 Questions
  • Topic Two: Fibre Cleaning 
    • Fibre Cleaning – instructional video – 22min 44sec
    • Fibre Cleaning Characteristics Manual (PDF)
    • Assessment: Fibre Cleaning Characteristics Quiz – 20 Questions
  • Topic Three: Basic Chemistry – Detergents & How they work
    • Basic Chemistry – Detergents & How they work- instructional video – 11min 10sec
    • Basic Chemistry Manual (PDF)
    • Assessment: Basic Chemistry Quiz– 20 Questions
  • Topic Four: How to set up a Room – Pre-inspection and Preparation
    • How to set up a Room – Pre-inspection and Preparation – instructional video – 9min 44sec
    • Pre-inspection & preparation Manual (PDF)
    • Assessment: Pre-inspection & Preparation Quiz– 20 Questions
  • Topic Five: Using Hot Water Extraction
    • Using Hot Water Extraction – instructional video – 9min 13sec
    • Using Hot Water Extraction Manual (PDF)
    • Assessment: Using Hot Water Extraction – 20 Questions
  • Wrap Up
  • Total Video Time = approx. 65 minutes
  • Downloadable PDF manuals – these are yours to refer to & keep as a reference
  • This course also gives you access to our exclusive Facebook Community Page where you will be able to engage with others, ask questions and find many other FAQ’s already answered