Advanced Stain Removal #4

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Course Description

Deal with difficult stains, which ones you need to be educated on and which ones will make you money! Not just the average carpet cleaner – impress the customer! Done in 2 parts, theory then practical – Lot’s of Practical Applications using an extraction machine.
This course covers one key topics and is structured as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Topic One: Advanced Stain Removal
    • Advanced Stain Removal Theory – instructional video 1 – 15min 35sec
    • Advanced Stain Removal Practical – instructional video 2- 45min 10sec
    • Advanced Stain Removal Resourses  (PDF)
    • Assessment: Stain Removal Quiz – 20 Questions
  • Wrap Up
  • Total Video Time = approx. 60 minutes
  • Downloadable PDF manuals – these are yours to refer to & keep as a reference
  • This course also gives you access to our exclusive Facebook Community Page where you will be able to engage with others, ask questions and find many other FAQ’s already answered